What's your vulnerability score?

Much like a credit score, your infrastructure has a calculated risk. Use the Corsiare insights to help reduce the impact and exposure, and track the improvement to your score over time.


What's a risk profile?

Corsaire takes your vulnerability scan information from multiple scanning vendors such as Nessus and Qualys. Combining the power of automated scanning, with the experience and analytics of our senior advisors.

This means we provide a comprehensive risk analysis for common vulnerabilities, targets and protocols, along with pragmatic steps in assisting you reduce your risk profile.

Using the trending tool, track and manage your exposure to threats over time. Manage, tag and assign vulnerabilities to your teams - with in built reporting to measure fix times for vulnerabilities.

Categorise vulnerabilities by software, host or service

Both Managerial and Technical views allow you to sort vulnerabilities based on the biggest impact to your infrastructure.

Create quick-wins by resolving high risk vulnerabilities on multiple hosts, or hosts regarded as high risk.


Identify and fix critical vulnerabilities fast

With a 360 view of vulnerabilities, our vulnerability management software makes light work of identifying risks, and providing insight to your security teams.

View associated vulnerabilities, and repeat vulnerabilities across your entire infrastructure.

See the information that matters most by excluding hosts and IPs that aren't in scope in your scan reports.

Analyse trends and vulnerability fix times between patching

Compare scans to view and identify deployment of effective patching and fixes. Quickly identify new and emerging risks.


Understand Key Benefits

React to a changing threat landscape, maximise your resources, and full reporting for both managerial and technical audiences.

  • Get your threat score, and use Corsaire guidance to reduce your risk
  • Sort vulnerabilities by risk rating, type or age
  • Internal note and commentary across risks
  • View risks based on number of affected hosts
  • Complimentary insight and pragmatic steps to mitigate risks
  • Full trending to understand host-specific and overall infrastructure security
  • Export data to PDF, XLS or your task management system

Download the Overview PDF & Feature List

Trusted vulnerability management, from security experts

  • "Brilliant suite of tools"

    The [tool] allows us to quickly identify and implement fixes from our newly deployed virtual machines and host nodes. We're pleased with the coverage and supporting data available.

    Cloud Unboxed
  • "Complete control of our scanning"

    We finally have a system which allows our security team to group servers, prioritise fixes and EoL devices.

    A&O Systems

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